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I’m a go-getter journalist with a passion to encourage, inspire, and lift up the next generation of storytellers. I’m an Emmy nominated news anchor and reporter. Currently, I anchor NewsPoint at 11 on FOX59, the most watched news station in Indianapolis. I’d like to say I was born with the gift of gab and an inquisitive nature. Growing up, my uncle Greg would always ask me, “What do you know good?” During my adolescent years I always had a story to tell about what was going on in our family, our city, or whatever I saw on the news. Both of my grandmothers were news junkies and I loved watching local broadcasts with them. At a young age, something made me light up with excitement when I watched those poised journalists deliver the daily happenings. I was done playing teacher in my spare time. I wanted to do what they were doing. As a result, in second grade little miss “Talk A lot” got her shot. I was picked to deliver the morning announcements everyday to the entire school. From then on, I retained that spot all the way through high school.

Little did I know, I was mapping out my future career. From the first time I held a microphone in my hand in elementary school to becoming a seasoned journalist with my own nightly newscasts that’s viewed by thousands every night I’m grateful for my journey.

What a lot of people may not realize is that between the dream and the manifestation, I put in the work! I graduated from Michigan State University with my journalism degree and moved to Atlanta, Georgia where I got my start behind the scenes as a news trainee and assignment editor. Nine months later, I was ready for my on-camera debut. I landed my first tv gig in New Bern, North Carolina at WCTI NewsChannel 12. For nearly three years, I worked as a one-man-band reporter and weekend anchor covering everything from tropical storms to political scandals.

Desiring to return to where it all started, I took on a role as the morning and noon show anchor with WNEM TV-5, in my hometown of Flint, Michigan. Although my grandmothers were no longer living to witness the moment, for me it was a joy for my family to turn on the news to see my face on the other side of the screen. This was important to me because it was my family who planted the news seed in me. I even returned home to report on the Flint Water Crisis, after the Indianapolis community filled 9 semis full of water to provide for the residents in Flint.

The current leg of the journey has brought me to Indianapolis. Being here has contributed to me reflecting on how far I’ve come and the road traveled to get here. I realize that without drive, support, faith, and the power of mentors my story would be different. I discovered a new passion through my own experiences, helping others fulfill their dreams the same way I did. So here in this space, I hope to encourage, inspire and uplift you on your journalist journey!